Walden Pond Redux

I live in an RV full-time now, which in some ways is actually better than my situation before since I do have solar power to ensure that I have near-permanent access to electricity even during inclement weather. On the other hand, my home now responds much more immediately to inclement weather, […]


So my situation has changed, slightly. Due to having to spend more time in temporary accomodations than previously expected, as well as having to dedicate more of my focus towards what is now looking like a complete overhaul of my RV, I am unfortunately going to have to extend the […]


I’m in the incredibly harrowing process of packing up my entire life and shoving it into a camper van, so as you can imagine this is cutting pretty deeply into my available time. I will be taking a short two-week hiatus from the comic until things get relatively settled; thanks […]

there’s a hole in my head where the rain comes in

So if you’ve paid attention to my bird website account, you’ll know that I got a sinus infection recently and it’s made me feel like people are hammering nails into my skull. This is sadly not entirely conducive to me being able to make comics, which is why I’ve had […]

Walden Pond

Regular updates resume Wednesday, February 24!

Guest Art – Pepper

Hello friends! A Distant Sky will be going on a brief two week hiatus as I prepare Chapter 2. In the meantime, we’ll be showing off some guest art, starting with this incredible comic by the incredibly talented Pepper!