Guest Art – Magistelle

Closing out January is this piece from my good friend Magistelle, featuring a ludicrously good rendition of everyone’s favorite tryhard! A thousand thanks to all the guest artists who helped me out this month; our regularly scheduled programming resumes on February 1st!

Guest Art – BewareTheWarp

Today’s piece is by BewareTheWarp! It should be noted that this is 100% canon and an accurate representation of the twins’ past experiences.

Guest Art – Pepper

Today’s guest comic is by Pepper, who continues to ask the real important questions about this world.

Guest Art – Ziyanthus

Today’s piece is a fantastic portrait of the intrepid Roland twins (and also the weirdo who keeps hanging around them), courtesy of Ziyanthus! 

Guest Art – Mmlurg

Hello! I’m going to be taking most of January off this time so guest art scheduling is going to be a little more sporadic than before. Anyway, here’s a Walt by Mmlurg!