all art and comix postponed indefinitely

i really, really hate doing this to y’all but i’m currently literally hospitalized and there’s a lot of things up in the air right now. i wish i had better news but i also feel like literal actual death so…

thanks again to my editor for drawing this for me, i love them so incomprehensibly much ❤️

Page Delay

Well folks, it finally happened. For the first time since I switched over to Adobe Animate from Flash CS5.5, my software ate a project file. Thankfully, I have a recovery file so the whole thing wasn’t lost, but it does mean that Chapter 3 – Page 17 will have to go up on Thursday the 18th, rather than Wednesday as planned. Sorry for the delay, we should be back on our regularly scheduled program soon!

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Hello, friends! I’m pleased to announce that A Distant Sky has now been running for pretty much exactly one month, and I have absolutely no intentions of slowing down. If you would like to support my endeavors both regarding the comic as well as my radio station, why not consider becoming a patron? Patrons can receive access to such exciting things as page previews, entire comic pages 24 hours in advance, access to the song request interface for Radio Skvortsov, and my undying gratitude.