I can't believe I've been working on this pokey little webcomic for three whole years now. Thank you so much for reading A Distant Sky, y'all!

Chapter 5 – Page 33

2 thoughts on “Chapter 5 – Page 33

  1. I can see that working well. Predator grabs a walking fluff ball for dinner, suddenly starts feeling really good, decides not to eat it & gets something else, grabs the same fluff ball later on and enjoys the same feeling. Predator ends up liking the feeling so much, they end up protecting the fluff ball and their relations in exchange for snuggling rights…
    Aphids do the same thing with ants, provide something they like in exchange for protection. And the fluff ball version seems to have a (hopefully) temporary “withdrawal” element to it, which would promote the “protect us for continued good feelings” more…

  2. Fish Id Wardrobe

    FYI – your RSS feed is broken. Feel free to ignore this if it’s on purposeā€¦

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